no fee charged on 1st payday loan upon qualifying

At Cash Now Fremont we are all about a quick, easy, confidential process and making you feel welcome. We appreciate your business and want to do what we can to make your financial life more manageable by providing payday loans that get you comfortably to your next payday.

We started in 2003 after working for a large national payday loan company but quickly felt constrained by the company's restrictive customer service policy. We wanted to provide a better and more considerate service so we started our own payday loan company. We are now a respected, family-owned an operated business that depends on our customers in the same way they depend on us. That's why we treat each and every customer with respect and appreciation; we know that your business is the heart of ours.

We look forward to serving you in the same way we have served this community for well over a decade. See you at the store.